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Cara reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hard reset

Cara reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hard reset

1. Matikan N9000 Galaxy Note 3 phone.
2. Tekan dan tahan 2 tombol Volume Up + Home+power on.
3. pada menu recovery pilih wipe data factory reset dengan tombol Volume button, tekan power to confirm.
4. Setelah reset komplit, pilih reboot system now! Semua data akan hilang, jadi pastikan data sudah di backup.

cara Unlock Samsung Galaxy N9000 password lock, resetting N9002, reset N9005
tekan dan tahan tombol POWER  sekitar 7 detik untuk mereset hp jika fatal errors atau hang-ups, atau freezes.

Jika hp freezes atau has fatal errors
jika hp anda freezes atau hangs, kamu harus menutup beberapa programs terbuka atau reset the hp anda untuk mengembalikan fungsi normal hp anda, jika hp anda  is frozen

and unresponsive, press and hold the Power key for 10-15 seconds. The device will reboot automatically.
If this does not solve the problem, perform a factory data reset. In Idle mode, open the application list and select
Settings → Privacy → Factory data reset → Reset phone → Erase everything.

Select Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset: Reset your settings to the factory default values and delete all your data.

Press Application button, then Settings > Reset settings: Reset your settings to the factory default values.

While using your device, be sure to back up important data. When disposing of your device, back up all data and then reset your device
to prevent misuse of your personal information.

Use this method to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Note SM-N9005: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all

your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.
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